School History

Sol Aureus College Preparatory (S.A.C. Prep) is a public, charter school serving kindergarten to 8th grade learners. We are a tuition free institution and open to all applicants. The student body and faculty of S.A.C. Prep is an ethnically diverse community, which provides a positive and supportive learning environment for all students. We place a high premium on goal setting, evaluation, reflection, and accountability. As a staff, we consistently reflect, evaluate, and gather data to ensure we are effectively preparing students to be extraordinary in college, life, and the competitive world beyond.

Our core values include: 1) community, 2) respect, 3) excellence, 4) preparation, and 5) responsibility. It is important to inculcate students with a strong sense of place, identity, and a connection to something larger than themselves.

  • Community – We will look out for one another, treat each other with kindness, and are mindful about how our actions impact the community as a whole. We explicitly cultivate and nurture our school community though positive and constructive action. We take responsibility for ourselves and play an active role in the greater community of South Sacramento.

  • Respect – We show respect for our school, our community, others and most importantly ourselves.

  • Excellence – While we may not be great in everything we do, we strive to do everything great. We realize that the process of being excellent teaches us many important skills and knowledge about ourselves. Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.

  • Preparation – We are prepared. We take responsibility for ourselves to get the help and practice required to be exemplary, and realize that success is a result of being prepared when opportunities present themselves. We accept luck, but we are also believers that extraordinary people create their own luck by being prepared and preparing for success.

  • Responsibility – We take responsibility for our school, our community, and ourselves.